Rowlett Eagles Football District Selections

Eagles Family,

Please help us congratulate a few of “YOUR” Rowlett Eagles on their 2018 All District Football Selections. We want to thank them for the hard work and positive thinking. You all took the meaning of “TOI” to a whole new level. Wishing you success in all of your current and future endeavors!

1st Team Offense

Quarterback                 Chase Toupal 

Running Back              Chauncey Amos

Receiver                        Jerry Evans 

Offensive Line             Hayden Rollins 

Kicker                            Luis Reyna 


1st Team Defense

Safety                            Lance Canyon

Cornerback                  Cameron Miles


2nd Team Offense 

Receiver                      Antonio Hull 

Offensive Line            Jessie Soliz

Kicker Returner         Jared Wesley


2nd Team Defense

Defensive Tackle         Jeremiah Franks

                                        Gabriel Aplicano Tito 

Defensive End              Darius Dunlap

Inside Linebacker        Xavier Gayle 

Outside Linebacker     Demodrick Wade

Safety                              Ennis Henderson 

Cornerback                    Jared Wesley







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